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Website Design Process

We only need about 10-15 minutes of your time to complete our questionaire, then our web designers will take over.


Could we make getting an website any easier?

My Discount Websites has been helping companies establish a web presense for over 15 years now. Over that time we have learned A LOT when it comes to designing websites and what it takes to get it done. We have literally built 1000's of websites for clients all over the United States, and we're only getting better. One of the reasons for our success has been the 10-step process we created for developing custom websites. The entire process from start to finish is handled in a systematic format, and we typically handle over 90% of all the work. Below is a step-by-step list of the entire process. We look forward to helping you turn your business vision into reality!

10 Step Website Build - Start to Finish

1. Free initial consultation via telephone or in-person
2. We'll give you an exact price the entire website build
3. 10 minute "Website Completion Form" is filled out
4. A checklist is given to you of things we need (i.e. logo, pictures, testimonials, etc)
5. Website information collected and organized
6. SEO phrase / industry research is done
7. An original website is designed and posted for you to review
8. Revisions / Website Adjustments / reviews by you
9. Final version approval
10. GO-LIVE!

Professional Website Design Services

What makes us better?

Fast Turnaround - your project will typically be completed within 1-4 weeks

Website Optimization - we'll get your business listed on all major search engines

Free Year-Round Website Updates - guaranteed updates in under 48 hours

Reliable & Top Notch Hosting - all of our websites have a guaranteed 99.99% up-time

Local Website Company - We are a U.S. based company and focus on small businesses

Local Visibility - our websites pinpoint local traffic in your own neighborhood

Serving Wisconsin & USA

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