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Premium Email Core Features include

➤ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Ad-Free and Private - We do not read or scan your hosted email

➤ Affordable business-class email that works with Outlook®, your smartphone, and superior Webmail app.

➤ Anywhere, anytime access - Check email from anywhere—an advantage of hosting email in the cloud instead of on your desktop.

➤ 25GB mailboxes - Large mailboxes that your users will have a tough time filling up.

➤ Premium Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus - Three-layer scanning helps to keep your Inbox safe.

➤ Encryption - SSL encryption hides data during transmission.

➤ Backup & retrieval - Recover messages in Webmail or recover a deleted mailbox in Control Panel for up to 14 days.

➤ 50MB attachments - That's twice the size of many of our competitors!

➤ Robust email client - Do practically everything you're used to doing with Outlook, but on the web.

➤ Shared calendars - Quickly view or share calendars with anyone on your domain. All the bells and whistles of a business-class calendar application. Create and manage multiple personal and shared calendars, set reminders and recurrences, and color-code entries for at-a-glance viewing. (through webmail only)

➤ Instant messaging - Chat is available within webmail to help your organization easily communicate from anywhere. Chat with other users on your domain in real time without leaving webmail. Enjoy a simple user interface and zero configuration for administrators. (through webmail only)

➤ Notes & tasks - Boost productivity with these indispensable applications. Enjoy a standalone task manager, right in your inbox. Create multiple task lists featuring individual action items with completion dates. Use the notes area to keep track of task details. Your tasks even change color to remind you of due dates. Record important information in an easy-to-use interface tied directly to your inbox. Notes are stamped with time, date, and title for easy retrieval.

➤ Secure POP/IMAP connection - Deliver email to your users' favorite clients—from desktop Outlook® to an iPhone®.

➤ Custom mailboxes - Enjoy a professional appearance and experience with email@your-domain.

➤ Custom email filtering - Set filtering rules to deliver messages wherever you want.

➤ User aliases - Set up as many email addresses as you'd like and point them at your main email address.

Business Email and Premium Emails Wisconsin

Business Email and Premium Emails Wisconsin

Business Email and Premium Emails Wisconsin

Business Email and Premium Emails Wisconsin

Business Email and Premium Emails Wisconsin

Business Email and Premium Emails Wisconsin

Pricing for premium email services

Badgerland Marketing offers our premium email service at prices lower then the competition. Get affordable email hosting, get started.

Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 available

If you are looking for hosted exchange or Office 365, contact Badgerland Marketing. We have what you need for your business and professional emails, get started.

Premium Email Setup Instructions

If you are setting up your premium email click here for instructions.


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